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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Vincere offer?
At Vincere Cancer Center, we offer a variety of services, from cancer prevention to radiation treatment, to reconstructive surgery to on-treatment and survivorship wellbeing. For more on our services, refer to our Services document.
What does the Radiation Treatment Process look like?
Consult: Initially, the patient will meet with the Radiation Oncologist to review medical records, recommend certain tests, and perform a physical exam. This is a great time for the patient to ask any questions they may have about their diagnosis and their potential radiation treatment.

Giving Consent: If the patient chooses to receive Radiation Therapy, he/she will be asked to sign a consent form giving the care team permission to perform radiation on the patient. Signing this document means the patient was informed about their treatment options; that the patient chose Radiation Therapy out of their options; that the care team has permission to deliver radiation to the patient; and that the patient understands this treatment option is not guaranteed to yield the intended results.

Simulation & Planning: Once consent is given, the patient will get an immobilization mold, depending on what part of the body is being treated, the mold will be individually formed to the patient’s body in order to keep the patient still and in the exact same position for the duration of the treatment. Followed by the molding, the patient with get imaging (typically a CT scan) done, from which all the necessary information will be pulled in order to plan the upcoming radiation treatment.

Treatment: At Vincere Cancer Center, we offer External-Beam Radiation Therapy. This type of therapy strictly targets the tumor, but can affect some healthy tissue as well. External-Beam Radiation Therapy involves quick and painless 15-minute sessions that occur daily, Monday- Friday, for anywhere from 3-9 weeks (some exceptions apply, depending on the patient’s unique situation). The two-day break (Saturday and Sunday) gives the body time to rest and restore any potential damage done to any healthy tissues during each week of radiation.

Weekly Visits: Each week, the patient will meet with the Radiation Oncologist to be updated on how their treatment is going and if any changes need to be made for the remainder of the treatment plan.

On-Treatment Self-Care: Radiation Therapy tends to come with side effects. The patient may find himself/ herself fatigued, in emotional distress, and may experience sensitive skin at the site of radiation therapy. The patient can take measures to alleviate these side-effects by taking extra down time, nourishing the body with healing foods, drinking plenty of water, seeking emotional support, reducing exposure to the sun, and applying care team approved soothing lotions.

Post- Treatment: Once treatment is complete; the patient will come in for follow-up appointments with the Radiation Oncologist. At these appointments, the doctor will check on the patient’s recovery and any treatment side-effects. As the body continues to heal and grow stronger, less frequent follow-ups are needed.
Will I need someone to drive me to and from treatment sessions?
It is not necessary to have a driver for your appointments, but it is up to you and your comfort level with driving post-treatment.
What do I bring to my first appointment?
Your ID card, insurance cards (primary and, if applicable, secondary) and your completed new patient paperwork, which will be emailed to you the day you call to make the appointment.
What types of insurance do you accept?
This depends on the doctor seen, but we accept most major types of insurance at Vincere. For more information on the insurance accepted by the doctor you are seeing at Vincere, please call (480)306-5390.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, Vincere is proud to offer payment plans for our patients. Our financial counselor can discuss options with you.