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About Us

VINCERE (Latin) | to conquer

Vincere Cancer Center is a world-class contemporary cancer center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It houses the most sophisticated technology in cancer care, in an environment that is calming and inspiring to all patients. It’s the union of the heart and soul of a dedicated oncologist, with the technical precision, design, and attention to detail that only a reconstructive surgeon would know.


If Cancer never occurs, the patient has already conquered this obstacle.  We combine nutrition, toxin identification/reduction, immunological boosting, reduction in senescent cell burden, stress relief and genetic testing.

Early Detection

If Cancer is detected at an early stage, the treatment is often simpler and less invasive for the patient and cureable.  At Vincere we have developed the most progressive cancer screening program in the country, commonly identifying many cancers in Stage 0 or Stage 1.


Our third aim is to treat complex Cancer with State of the Art treatments including Radiation, Surgical Resection, Reconstruction, as well as cutting edge, next generation chemotherapy/immunotherapy precision medicine ‘N of 1’ studies.


Vincere was established by some of the most progressive minds in oncology and surgery.
Vershalee Shukla, MD and Pablo Prichard, MD.

Vershalee Shukla, MD

Dr. Vershalee Shukla is the Co-Founder of Vincere Cancer Center. She is a board-certified radiation oncologist in private practice in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area

Pablo Prichard, MD

Dr. Pablo Prichard is the Co-Founder of Vincere Cancer Center, as well as founder of multiple surgery centers, and has been the Chief Medical Director